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Originally from Somerset in England, Dean has travelled the world but has now made South Africa his home. Having taught at universities in South Africa, the UK, Ireland and Australia, he is currently based in Port Elizabeth with his young family having been commissioned to write a book on the history of conservation and wildlife tourism in the Eastern Cape.

An ambassador for Nelson Mandela Bay and Community Conservation Trust Africa (CCFA), he is a columnist for HeraldLIVE and also presents the popular ‘Frontier Land’ podcast at Algoa FM.

An acclaimed international motivational speaker, he has been published widely on the history and politics of society throughout the British Empire, most notably in South Africa. A recipient of Cape Peninsula University of Technology’s Researcher of the Year Award and author of the top-selling book ‘Empire, War and Cricket in South Africa’ (published by Penguin in 2015), Dean is widely regarded as one of the best storytellers in South Africa and has presented motivational talks and keynote papers around the world. He has a social media following of over 120,000.

Getting to know Dean

I genuinely believe that you get out of life what you put in. If you have the energy, drive and determination to achieve something or make a contribution then you are rewarded. Luck is a trick of the mind. Opportunities don’t land in your lap – you create them by getting out there each day, showing up and doing your best, and by consistently taking yourself out of your comfort zone!

I attribute much of my success to the cultures and people I have been exposed to during my various academic posts around the world. South Africans in particular have taught me that the power of determination, when channelled correctly, is immensely powerful. I have been influenced by one of the greatest statesmen of our time, Nelson Mandela – a true statesman, politician and leader who also saw the value of sport in uniting people and healing the past. Seeing him as an incredible visionary who understood the power of humility, I seek to apply similar principles in my work and believe that the roles of teacher and writer are privileged positions to hold in any society.

While my endeavours may see me visit other countries, my ties with South Africa and my bond with the rich diversity and culture, past and present, run deep and will continue to draw me back to South Africa and its people. Family and friends are everything and Africa is home.

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